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Medic reference from Jan

In operation since: October 8, 2016

Active impact within the range of: 75 metres (on average, shape of the field: sphere)

Radiated energy: ca 541,500 BE*

I performed the analysis of the new device called Somavedic Medic new two months after the device had been plugged in. The device is located in a flat in the centre of one of the ten largest German cities, i.e. in the environment where especially the level of electrosmog is extremely high. The total number of Wi-Fi networks radiating in my flat is 21 - a number some people can't even imagine. This means that the device eliminates up to 93 % of electrosmog including 95 % of the harmful Wi-Fi radiation in a flat, so one can be almost sure that the level of impact on electrosmog is 100 % unless they live in a large city or directly in the vicinity of a GSM, digital TV-radio or any similar transmitter.

The difference between the Harmonie model and the Medic new one is clear. Medic new is much more powerful. It is designed for places with a high concentration of people and for places where illnesses are treated, both with alternative and traditional medicine. Medic new eliminates all negative energies from the space more quickly, which applies also to GPZ and electrosmog energies and to negative energies emitted by people. Moreover, it offers a highly elegant design as it is made from matt clear crystal glass. Unlike the "violet" Harmonie, Medic new emits stronger light of a pleasant, blue-white colour. It is also much bigger - see the picture.

Bear in mind that the Somavedic devices can only help with treatment and self-improvement. They cannot treat you or improve you on their own; the only thing they offer is a great environment to treat ourselves (or other people) and to improve ourselves. All solutions to our problems and disharmonies lie inside us. The outer is just a reflection of the inner.

If you buy the device for your home, I recommend installing it in a room nobody sleeps in. For the first two to five days - this is highly individual - you may experience problems either with falling asleep or with waking up earlier than you are used to. This is not a negative impact, but a normal reaction of your body to energy changes in the environment.

As for the parameters, you can find their description in the Somavedic Harmonie analysis.

Here are the hard data.

Impact on the Chakras and the aura

Level of influence on opening the Chakras: 27% (applicable only if one consciously tries to improve themselves)

Level of influence on harmonization the Chakra biofield: 73%

Level of influence on the activity of the Chakras: 11%

Influence on harmonization of the human aura - "correction" of the aura: 100%

Influence on GPZs

Level of GPZ elimination: 100%

Level of electrosmog elimination: 93%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of Wi-Fi radiation: 95%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of blue-tooth radiation: 80%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of microwave radiation: 72%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of GSM: 81%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of digital TV networks and radio signals: 63%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of radiation of electric power: 37%

Other functions

Level of elimination of negative energy emitted by people: 100%

Level of protection against torsion fields: 100%

Level of elimination of harmful effects of chemtrails: 69%

Level of protection against religious egregors: 78%

Level of enhancement of exceptional abilities development: 18%

Level of enhancement of deep meditations: 58%

Level of improvement of concentration: 62%

Level of enhancement of the physical health improvement in people: 72%

Level of enhancement of the physical mental improvement in people: 36%

Level of elimination of negative impacts of oncologic "treatments": 31%

Does Somavedic positively influence all living beings within its reach: yes

Does Somavedic positively influence the "alpha" state: yes

Can Somavedic eliminate malignant tumors: no

Can Somavedic mitigate the negative effects of antibiotics: yes


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